Empowerment Program

A plan of action you can implement 


A plan of action you can implement

Let’s face it. Marketing isn’t brain surgery. Most people with basic writing skills and a touch of tenacity can do this job. You may already have the staff or the skillset but just aren’t sure how to get there. Or you may just need help keeping your team accountable. The Empowerment Program will get you started.

What is it?

A half day workshop to discuss your organization’s goals, strengths, weaknesses and competition. Then we’ll present you with a customized marketing plan — featuring a 12-month timeline of actionable steps you can follow — and set you free after answering questions.

What can you expect?

Intake Call — After completing an intake sheet, Veracity will conduct a call with your group’s head marketer.
Homework — We may send additional homework to maximize our workshop time.
Half Day Workshop — You get your key stakeholders there, we’ll take care of lunch.
Workshop Agenda — Workshops are customized. Plan to block out four hours.
BREAK! — Veracity will compile a cohesive plan tailored to your organization based on our workshop discoveries and research. This could take us a couple of weeks.
The Plan — Our suggestions could run the gamut from content marketing to traditional advertising to boots-on-the-ground methods. We’ll aim to align with the capabilities of your team.
Plan Presentation — We’ll come back to present our plan, offer implementation suggestions, and answer any questions. Plan to block out two hours.


Total cost is $4,725. Our 3-part payment plan is as follows:


due before scheduling
intake call


due before the
half day workshop


due before the
plan presentation

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Empowerment Program

A plan of action you can implement

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