Veracity’s Story

Veracity’s story is one of boot-strapped, self-made endurance. The company’s President, Amy Rosenberg, started Rosenberg Marketing from her dining room table in 2009 as a new mother of two small children. Looking for a way to fill the long stretches of fortunate nap time, freelance marketing work came in while the laundry piled up.

Eventually Amy’s husband, Mike Rosenberg, brought his digital marketing experience over to serve as Rosenberg Marketing’s CEO. At that point things started to change. The two put systems in place to create the inner-workings of an agency.

With their first full-time employee on staff, Rosenberg Marketing sought to veer away from the ‘mom and pop’ image the company’s name portrayed and in 2014 rebranded into Veracity, while still providing the same level of service to the majority of the same clients.

Since rebranding, the agency has consistently grown revenues and has kept a slew of contractors busy. But a remodeled basement turned office could only hold them for so long. While gabbing with the nanny is quite tempting for Amy, the pair felt the need to see the light of day more often and work in a more collaborative environment among other up-and-coming professionals.

In August, 2015 Veracity moved into its first office in northeast Portland’s emerging Bakery Blocks district. The building is one of the more recent warehouses converted into creative office space. The neighborhood mixes industry, residential and commercial with a selection of hipster eateries and Oregon breweries sprinkled throughout.

In addition to the new office location, Veracity is poised for continued client growth and adding additional employees. Veracity continues to service clients in the real estate, hospitality, finance, nonprofit and professional services industry with both traditional and digital communications.